Gigativy High- Power Transmitter

For a smooth digital migration

From 1,5kW to 128 kW cost efficient Transmitter

Thanks to undeniably gained valuable experience in digital deployments, Gigativy features lowest operating costs, flexible architecture and easy operation with outstanding performances. A key focus is the energy efficiency of the global transmission station: Gigativy integration has been designed to guarantee best energy savings combined with highest quality of services.

- Leading-edge transmission station energy efficiency
- Lowest operating costs
- Flexible architecture
- Easy operation with outstanding performances

- All digital standards
- 470 to 600 MHz & 600 to 700 MHz
- Multi- transmitter capability
- Multi- rack capability

- Digital Adaptive Pre-correction
- High modules redundancy for continuous signal availability
- N+1 redundancy
- Patented Fully Isolated Coupling System FICS