Thomson Broadcast participates second days’ “Africa Development and Digital Days, 2016 “organized by the Ministry of Economy and Finance. What infrastructure for digital? The French company will present its views and solutions already adopted in many African countries.

October 18th, 2016

Under the leadership of Mrs. Axelle Lemaire Secretary of State for the Digital and Innovation, the days “Digital & Development: Africa Day 2016” from 26 to 28 October 2016 Paris will come together digital actors of Africa, institutional and companies. Thomson Broadcast considered one of the major player of Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) and radio network deployments backed by large scale references, will during this event address the major issues and solutions already deployed in Africa by the French group.

Thomson Broadcast will participate in the workshop No. 1, Infrastructure, on October 27th, to discuss these major issues alongside Eutelsat, organizer of this workshop, Harmonic and Quadrille and under the authority of the Minister for the Economy and Finance Affairs.

Together they will show the quality of service offered when delivering DVB-T2 standard Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) whether for a stationary receiver or a mobile phone. This solution offers the opportunity to offer to people educational content on demand

Thomson Broadcast has recently demonstrated the efficiency of its transmission systems both for analog and digital networks with many successes in Africa:

–          Morocco: Thomson Broadcast has provided a complete medium-wave radio transmission system

–          Uganda: the French company has been involved in the deployment of DTT, designing the network and providing  transmitters, antennas, masts and outdoor solutions

–          Cabo Verde:  Thomson Broadcast has delivered a turnkey system that integrates all its islands and offers IPTV to its Cape Verdean diaspora

–          Ivory Coast: the French consortium HTTV, Sagemcom and Thomson Broadcast have deployed a DTT pilot installed in the capital to offer digital broadcast for two public channels

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